When did you last listen to your body?

AYM is a unique and grounding form of massage which combines traditional Ayurvedic massage techniques with assisted yoga stretches. You are passively stretched during the treatment, helping to release tensions and invigorate the body - imagine your deepest stretch, but all the work is done for you!

In AYM we use calamus powder, ground from the calamus root of India, and massage oil. The experience is slightly exfoliating and slows the massage strokes, enabling more precision and deeper pressure into the target muscles.

Each treatment is entirely tailored to you, your body's needs, and your goals.


How can Ayurvedic Yoga Massage help you?

AYM was the gateway to my own healing path and it's now my mission to help others feel at peace with their own health too.

My goal during your massage is to help you achieve complete relaxation. During the session I use my hands, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. I use my body weight to deliver the pressure, effectively stretching your muscles and encouraging a deeper sense of grounding. You’ll be lying on a ground-level futon bed and will be gently guided into different positions throughout the practice, including child’s pose and seated positions.

AYM is for everyone. From helping shoulder and neck pain from hunching at a desk, to releasing trauma stored in the hips and abdomen, the benefits of AYM are endless.


AYM was created by Master Kusum Modak in Pune, India.

Having studied Iyengar Yoga and Ayurvedic Massage throughout her life, Kusum wanted to create a style of massage which incorporated all the rejuvenating and body-healing aspects of a yoga session, while maintaining a deeply relaxing state for the client.

AYM has since become a widely and deeply loved style of massage in the UK thanks to the therapist training courses delivered by Despina Psarra, founder of AYM UK.


People I've helped

See what people who've already benefited from the healing of AYM have to say


Helena was fantastic; professional yet friendly and considerate throughout the appointment. I'd highly recommend her to anybody hoping to have a first-class Ayurvedic massage!


Amazing massage! I felt so relaxed and calm with Helena, it was a very professional experience. She also caters the session to your indvidual needs, would 100% recommend!


I had such an enjoyable experience with Helena! She made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed and the massage catered to my specific needs. I will definitely be returning! Thank you so much :)


Amazing massage, Helena is a very respectful and comforting masseuse, very good for people with high stress and anxiety, lovely way to relax and escape.