Helena Barry

"I first became interested in yoga and massage when I was struggling most with my mental and physical health"

This happened midway through a chemistry degree which just wasn't working out and I was finding it difficult to connect with my own body, to feel present in the moment and the real world. I tried an AYM massage on a whim and fell in love!

Flash forward 6 months, and I've left uni to pursue a career in AYM. It's an amazing healer, and every massage I give as a therapist brings me so much joy.

"My clients are often overwhelmed by careers, social anxieties or mental illness. AYM quietens their mind and brings them to center so they can enjoy life"

I have a particular interest in the effects of AYM on my clients' mental health, especially through it's activation of the parasympathetic ventral vagus nerve - an essential physiological method of healing mental health. AYM is about connection. It connects the client to their body, and the client to their therapist.

Even the simple act of booking in time for self-care can be so beneficial!